Kim Passey

Kim Passey, possessing over 23 years of experience in the legal industry, is a uniquely qualified trial/hot seat technician. Her extensive experience includes working on high-stake, complex cases in numerous federal, state, and arbitration forums around the country. Kim’s “portfolio” includes, but is not limited to, cases involving complex business litigation, securities, antitrust, insurance coverage, white collar criminal defense, product liability, construction litigation, personal injury, and wrongful death matters.
Kim’s greatest strength is partnering with attorneys to help create well-organized and compelling trial presentations that effectively communicate with jurors. She is exceptionally calm under pressure and able to smoothly navigate a wide variety of demonstrative software programs on-the-fly. Kim’s experience has taught her how to anticipate the changing demands while supporting attorneys in the war-room and courtroom alike. Demonstrative software expertise includes TrialDirector, PowerPoint and numerous other timeline software products.
In addition to her trial experience, Kim has managed the e-discovery and database management process in hundreds of document intensive cases, some involving over millions of documents. Kim’s E-discovery and database software expertise includes Summation, Concordance, Relativity, Ringtail, IConect, Case Notebook, Case Timeline, CaseMap, TimeMap, Trial Cloud, and dozens more.
Kim’s case management expertise ranges from discovery evidence management to trial presentation, demonstrative graphics, and courtroom presentation technology. Kim is a one-of-a-kind expert consultant before and throughout trial, including the area of computerized litigation support and automated trial technology. Kim’s diverse and comprehensive experience makes her an exceptional problem solver for her clients.

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