Equipment Rental with CVisualEvidence

CVisualEvidence offers competitive advantages on all levels of service, even when it comes to equipment rental and installation.

The last thing you need to worry about is hardware. CVisualEvidence rents sophisticated and reliable courtroom presentation equipment to litigators. We always ensure that the equipment is in excellent working order. The equipment you need will be delivered, set up, and broken down by professionally trained technicians.

We own our presentation equipment and our equipment was purchased specifically for use in the courtroom. This means our projectors are small, very bright, and extremely quiet. Court Reporters often times do not even know when the projectors are running.  Our projector stands have very small footprints that are required in crowded LA courtrooms with limited space. Our monitors for counsel have large 19” displays but also have a very low profile which reduces the risk of  anyone’s view being obstructed by equipment.

    Elmo with low profile monitor

Pictured above left: Low profile monitor that does not obstruct the Judge’s view of the witness or jury. Right: Elmo Projector with monitor.

In addition to our equipment design and features, we have a long history of serving litigators, particularly in Southern California. Our 32 years of experience has made us familiar with most courthouses in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. We know to use caution yellow tape to secure cords to the floor to minimize safety risk such as tripping. Law clerks are very pleased with us for being aware of this factor that most trial presentation companies do not even consider.

DSC04441 DSC04448

Pictured Left: Caution tape used to secure loose cords running across walkways. 

Beyond room set-up, we are familiar with power requirements and when and where to load and unload.

Every courtroom is different and every judge has different requirements; CVisualEvidence technicians work with the court staff to ensure setup is a seamless process. We want you to have every advantage possible going into trial. We are able to eliminate the guesswork and get it right the first time.

Available Equipment

From easels to 70-inch large screen TVs, CVisualEvidence has what you need, including:

  • Elmo Document Cameras – Standard and High Definition
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Trial Presentation Computers
  • 17” to 70” Monitors
  • Printers, copiers, scanners
  • Switchers, distribution amps & all necessary cabling

CVisualEvidence can take care of all your equipment needs. We are reasonably priced and able to handle last minute requests. Contact us for a free quote.

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