Supporting your Success

CVisualEvidence LLC

Supporting your Success.

We are a full-service trial presentation agency headquartered in San Pedro, California.

Litigators throughout California seek out CVisualEvidence for the sophisticated quality of work we deliver at reasonable rates.

CVisualEvidence provides over 30 years of experience and a library of technology and presentation services to support your needs throughout the process of trial and litigation. Our services range from simple to advanced, whether you need a concise and visually appealing PowerPoint presentation or a compelling day-in-the-life documentary. We can even train you to become the expert and present from your own iPad. The possibilities are endless at our one-stop shop.

The Science of Storytelling in Trial Presentation

Studies have shown that most people are visual learners, yet trial lawyers tend to be auditory or kinesthetic learners. A litigator who does not communicate in a manner that corresponds to someone’s learning style results in a disengaged audience. Furthermore, neuroscience demonstrates that when people are presented with bare facts and statistics, they become further entrenched in their existing views.

Timelines, videos, graphics, and animations are only a few of the methods that can convey information and experiences to the jury creatively. Retention rates have shown to increase significantly when information is presented in simultaneous listening and visual formats.

Storytelling within the Rules of Evidence

We have an innate storytelling ability. We can bring your cases and evidence to life using the latest technological advances to concisely and effectively illustrate your clients’ stories to the jury. Storytelling has become as important to lawyering as legal analysis, logic and argumentation. Stories create compassion, understanding and empathy for the client which then allows you to convince and convert the jury to your favor.

Telling a story and understanding technology are two vastly different skillsets. Combining these two elements while still understanding the rules of evidence is part of the competitive advantage CVisualEvidence brings to the courtroom. Because of our familiarity with the Rules of Evidence, we have frequently been able to modify and provide innovative solutions to ensure that demonstratives and trial exhibits, even last minute or after being rejected by the judge, are allowed and accepted into evidence. The best demonstrative that is ruled inadmissible does not serve either you or your client.


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